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[Release] Electus Cracked Sbot 1.0.51


Silkroad Lobby
6 Mayıs 2022
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[RELEASE] Electus Cracked SBot 1.0.51

:trmodon: Temelde SBot daha önce yayınlanmış olanın biraz daha yüksek bir versiyonudur. (38 ila 51). Bot-cave'deki değişiklik günlüğü yazıya eklenmiştir.

İndir SBOT 1.0.51 - Cracked

:enmodon: Basically SBot is a slightly higher version from the already released one. (38 to 51). Changelog from bot-cave is attached in the post.

Download SBOT 1.0.51 - Cracked

VT 🛡️

VirusTotal - Sbot.exe


Fixes problems with unicode paths
Fixes consignment info in clientless mode
Fixes another bug with prefering/avoiding/ignoring uniques
Fixes a login issue on some private servers
Fixes bugs with a few items


Client will be hidden now again if there was a disconnect before having entered the game once and "hide client after relogin" is checked
Fixes a DC problem during clientless login on Blackrogue based servers
Fixes a handle leak


Player buffing: Custom party buffs will now be automatically added to the buff list.
Player buffing: Changed "Party buffing" page to more general "Player buffing".
Player list will show now all surrounding players
Added option "Show only party members"
Login: Adds option "Disable checking for game updates". Enable this option if you get disconnects during "Checking for updates..." phase.
Fixes weapon switching / re-equipping shield under extreme lag
Adds support for hp/mp bags
Skills: Also auto uses moving speed scrolls if "Use speed drugs" is checked
Party/Autores: Merged Party page with Autores options
Party: Only one checkbox for invite/accept anymore. Please redo your party type setting.
Autores: Can now resurrect players who are not in party, but only in view radius
Autores: Added option "Resurrect all party members (independent of res list)"
Autores: Added option "Resurrect only party members"
Attack preferences: Added option "Attack mobs that attack pet or job transport"
Attack preferences: Added option "Prefer mobs who get attacked by player X"
Attack preferences: Added type "Strong"
Berserk settings: Added types "Elite" and "Strong"
Added command line options to enable auto starting of game after bot has been started
Command line options:
-s or --startgame : starts the game when bot is started
--startdelay=<value> : waits <value> seconds until game gets started (optional, default is 2 seconds)
Can be used in shortcuts or batch files to start up and login multiple bots by just executing the file.
The shortcuts or batch files can also be added to "Autostart" folder so that they get executed automatically on system startup.
You need to have "Automatic login and relogin" checked as login method. Also a valid account has to be selected from the account manager beforehand else the bot cannot log into the game automatically.
More command line options will be added if needed/requested
"Periodically autoselect unique mob in range" and "Unique in range"-alarm work now for every unique in game
Login: Adds option "Auto hide client on first login"


Fixes bug with itemlist not being saved/loaded


Shopping/Transport: Adds support for Silver- and Goldclad horses
Fixes unique alarms for some servers
Fixed a problem with encrypted clients
Fixes a possible crash issue on startup of bot
Fixes another issue with the item list
Fixes selected mob types not being attacked anymore - although they attacked the player - when set to "Avoid" in combination with "Attack mobs that attack pet or job transport" or "Prefer mobs that get attacked by player X"
Autoquest: Fixes rare bug with not scrolling back to deliver a quest although a quest is finished and "Scroll back and deliver" has been selected.


Fixes Arabia Coast/Flaming Tree map
Note: Also update the navdata folder


Autowalk: Bot can now use an optional teleporter to the Donwhang Cave
Autowalk: Fixes collision detection and stuck problems on Arabia Coast/Flaming Tree map
Note: Also update the navdata folder
Fixes a parsing error


Added support for "Party Matching"
Fixes a parsing error
Blackrogue: Fixes a bug which could lead to freezing of bot
Blackrogue: Fixes display of unique spawns and unique kills
Blackrogue: Fixes bug with weapon switching
AutoAlchemy: Bot will now auto use Immortal stone if Astral stone should be used, but item had no "Immortal" stat (anymore)
Autowalk: Fixes "goofy" walking on bridge in Kirk area
Party buffing: Separated "God's Word" from "Holy Word"
Party buffing: Adds buff "Offer Magical Power"
Party buffing: Separated "Mask of Nightmare" from "Scream Mask"
Note: Please check your party buffing settings and redo them if necessary
Items/Storage: Adds support for using the guild storage
Every item can be set to be put into guild storage (Right click -> "Store (Guild)")
Adds options to keep gold amount in player inventory at a specific value +- threshold value by using the guild storage
Excess gold can be automatically stored in guild storage to share it with other guild members
If a player's gold amount in inventory is too low, gold can be automatically taken from the guild storage
Maximum gold amount to store/take per loop is limited to 1 billion
If the guild storage is currently occupied by another player, the bot will retry to open the storage for 3 minutes before giving up. The name of the player occupying the guild storage will be shown in the bot log.
Adds option to disable guild storage
Items/Storage: Removed option "Store items". Per default the storage is now used automatically.
Items/Storage: Removed option "Sort storage". Storage will now always get sorted.
Items/Storage: Adds option to disable using storage
Items/Storage: Adds support for dropping of items
Every item can be set to be dropped to the ground at training place (Right click -> "Drop")
SOX and Item Mall items are excluded from dropping
For safety, a checkbox must be activated to enable dropping of items
If an item cannot be dropped, it will automatically get removed from the drop list to prevent the char from stucking
Bot will now also skip storage/guild NPC if nothing to do
Autores: Added options to select a primary, a backup and a group resurrection skill
The primary resurrection skill is obligatory and must be set to make auto-resurrection work (like in previous versions)
The backup resurrection skill is used if the primary resurrection skill has cooldown
The group resurrection skill is used if there are more than one dead party players in range
If the first two resurrection skills are not castable, the group resurrection skill will be used as secondary backup skill
Autores: Made the system optional which deleted party players from res list if they vanished 3 times during resurrection.
This could happen for example if the party coordinate information from the game is wrong or the player(s) to be resurrected set the bot to go back to town before the player could arrive at their location.
Added option "Delete party player from res list if vanished X times"


Fixes problem with setting "Pick yourself if pet is full" not being saved anymore
Extra: Adds option "Disable XP/SXP message in clientless mode"
Training: Adds option "Don't walk around in trainings radius if no mobs in range"
Adds option "Switch to clientless mode after login"
Fixes taking gold from and storing gold in guild storage being skipped if guild storage is full
Fixes a few bugs with some private servers
Alarms: Added alarms for auto alchemy
Added option "Reset connection quality on disconnect"
Fixes some minor bugs


Fixes several parsing issues
Fixes bot not working at certain locations
NOTE: Also update the "navdata" folder!
Fixes "Cure Melody" being wrongly detected as attack skill
Fixes a crash issue
Berserk settings: Adds options to activate spirit skill on berserk condition
Berserk settings: Adds option to use berserk potion
Inventory: Can use items now via right click + "Use item"


Fixes a parsing error


Fixes not attacking certain mobs
Fixes a timeout problem while using certain items
Fixes a parsing error
Fixed problems with scripts in Donwhang Cave. Please re-record your scripts!
Fixes not displaying XP value correctly in clientless mode
Fixes not using HP/MP potions when transport was mounted
Fixes a few minor issues


Added option to automatically switch to clientless mode after x seconds
Fixes a file descriptor leak when using scripts
Fixes a problem with mob preferences


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